Who We Are

Carlos Bustinza is the Sales Director of Snaidero USA’s Florida Retail operations and Owner of Studio Snaidero Hollywood. After 28 years of experience in the high-end kitchen design field, including 15 years with Snaidero USA, Carlos took the challenge of starting his own Snaidero studio.
He brings with him vast knowledge of kitchen design, materials and products. His philosophy of always learning and never creating two kitchens that are alike creates a fresh design for each client. These clients have included leading business people, celebrities and sports stars. He has the distinct pleasure to work alongside the most successful and talented interior designers in the country, such as Alfred Karram Jr, Tui Pranich and Steven G. Carlos is a well rounded expert in all aspects of kitchen design.

He has the knowledge and experience to be able to see what a fad is and what has longevity. His mantra of “do what you love and love what you do “is expressed in the vitality he brings to each design. He brings his own passion for cooking and entertaining into his design work.

Carlos’ personal philosophy extends to health and well being. He stays fit and healthy through diet and exercise. It keeps his mind and body working as one. He believes that it is important for us to stay as healthy as possible to enjoy the world around us . To this end, Carlos challenges himself by training for and participating in triathlon and Iron Man races. He has finished the full Iron Man three times and has done 300 races of all sorts all over the world.

Contact Carlos to create the kitchen, bath or closet that reflects your personal requirements. You can be assured that every detail will considered and the best solution will be found to make your home a true reflection of yourself.

Our History

Snaidero USA and the Evolution of Kitchen Design. Nearly five decades of partnerships with prestigious designers creating premier kitchens that are both functional and aesthetically beautiful.
Snaidero offers exclusive designs by today’s most acclaimed designers, architects and artists. Through its long-term design partnerships Snaidero constantly pushes the envelope for new design solutions and product details.

100% Made In Italy. A Capsule of Italian culture created just for you. Designed to let the magic of the Made In Italy live on, and made to let you live life on your terms. The power of Italian culture lies in its rich history, its centuries old role as a cradle of creativity, and it’s ability to constantly innovate without losing track of the lessons learned from the past.

Snaidero’s mission is to be a driver of the evolution of kitchen design in the world. Snaidero’s Research and Development department works incessantly to perform quality studies on materials, ergonomics, technology, and finishes, with the goal of continuously improving life in the kitchen for everyone, regardless of age and physical abilities. We have been honoring our promise of high quality and standards since 1946, producing kitchens with artisan tradition, industrial innovation, passion and research.